This is a superior exfoliation process for removing the stratum corneum with minimal trauma to the epidermis while stimulating the dermis through increased metabolism and vibration producing new cell growth.


A versatile treatment produced by the Vibraderm Skin Station to take various topicals and Vibrafuse them into the skin. The Vibraderm provides several options that will produce gentle to aggressive Vibrafusion.

Simple Hydration

While performing a normal Vibradermabrasion and facial treatment, a gentle Vibrafusion of a moisturizer and sunscreen is desired. This treatment level is also used after a Laser/IPL/LED treatment to hydrate the skin efficiently and comfortably. The normal 2-minute zones should be adhered to during the Vibradermabrasion treatment followed by a 4-6 minute Vibraderm treatment covering the entire face, neck, and Décolleté. This treatment should take 20 minutes to do both Vibradermabrasion and Vibrafusion. Dr. Elliot Battle from the Cultura Cosmetic Medical Spa in Washington DC said, “The Vibraderm Skin Station has become the favorite choice of his aestheticians, nurses, and patients.” He also went on to say, “The Vibraderm is safe and effective for all skin types and can be very predictable in patient’s results.”

Facial Peels

While performing a Facial Peel with Vibrafusion, perform a normal Vibradermabrasion treatment followed by Vibrafusion of the chemical peel of your choice. An aggressive Vibrafusion of the chemical peel is not required. A normal Vibrafusion of the peel is between 3-4 minutes. Dr. Eric Bernstein, Dermatologist from the University of Pennsylvania, has not used his other microdermabrasion devices since acquiring the Vibraderm. “In my opinion, the Vibraderm is the best form of exfoliation,” he said. “After stimulating the skin and stripping off the superficial dead skin, you can infuse products directly into the dermis by using the Vibrafusion paddle.”

Brown Spots

While performing Vibrafusion with Hydroquinone for the treatment of solar lentigines (Brown Spots), a shorter Vibradermabrasion to the localized problem area for 30-60 seconds is most effective. Follow the Vibradermabrasion with Vibrafusion for an additional 60 – 90 seconds driving in the bleaching material.

Keratosis Pilaris is a condition that 40-45% of the women over 40 are experiencing in the U.S. The Vibraderm offers a management treatment to improve the appearance of the KP for those patients. Vibradermabrasion treatments are done with the large body paddle for 3 to 4 minutes per arm. The Vibrafusionprocess for KP is typically 3-4 minutes long. Many of the physicians are utilizing the Glytone Keratosis Polaris Personal Home Kit that contains 20% Glycolic Acid for the Vibrafusion treatment. Note: KP is not just found on arms. Many patients deal with KP problems in other areas of the body and the Vibraderm Skin Station gives you the flexibility to treat where you need. Belinda Ruda, Manager of Medic Spa in Atlanta said, “I find the Vibraderm does a great job removing Keratosis Polaris (chicken Skin) and the Vibrafusion technology seems to manage the skin problem better than anything on the market.”

There are many applications for Vibrafusion not described in this list. It has been shown that up to 500% more topical will penetrate into the epidermis with Vibrafusion Therapy. Any product you choose will be more efficiently and evenly distributed into the epidermis.